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BUY BACK PROGRAM - Buy with confidence!


Juice Supply Company Buy Back Program


In response to the recent spate of flavor and vape bans that have been sweeping the nation, we at Juice Supply Company wanted to remind you of our Buy Back Program which allows you to purchase e-liquid from us without having to worry about being stuck with products if a ban takes place in your city, county, or state.


We have always strived to make purchasing stock for your shop as risk-free as possible and we feel even stronger about that pledge in light of the very real threat our industry is now facing.


We know how stressful things have become for you as a vape shop owner and we hope that this program helps to make your life and business a little easier.


Here is a breakdown of how the program works and which products qualify:


1. We will buy back or exchange any in-house (READY Brands) products within 30 days of purchase.


2. Does not apply to drop shipped items, clearance items, or hardware.


3. This program is available to all of our retail partners regardless of whether they have been affected by a ban or not.


With our Buy Back Program, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are protected regardless of what the future holds, which we hope provides you with some sort of peace of mind during these trying times.