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What To Do As A Vape Shop Owner

What To Do As A Vape Shop Owner

  • Joe Picarella


We know that times are tough and sales are light right now for most of us in the vape industry.


But we also know that while it may not look like it at the moment, we will prevail in this fight as we have the truth on our side.


In the meantime, we wanted to send you some things you can do while you weather the storm as a vape shop owner.


First, you can join the LIV Movement and also make sure you are keeping your customers informed and educated on what is happening, how they are being misinformed by the media and government, and what they can do to help (e.g. joining LIV, recording their testimonial and sharing it on social media, donating to groups like the VTA, AVA, CASAA and others, etc. )


You can also make sure to push the brands that are funding the advocacy groups that are fighting for us.


VTA and AVA brands listed below:


Second, you can make sure that you stay stocked up on the products that your customers want the most.


We get that this has become a very risky thing for vape shop owners to do as flavor bans are happening at an increasing rate and nobody wants to be stuck with stock they can’t move, which is why we offer a Buy Back Program.


We have always strived to make purchasing stock for your shop as risk-free as possible and we feel even stronger about that pledge in light of the very real threat our industry is now facing.



Here is a breakdown of how the program works and which products qualify:


1. We will buy back or exchange any in-house (READY Brands) products within 30 days of purchase.


2. Does not apply to drop shipped items, clearance items, or hardware.


3. This program is available to all of our retail partners regardless of whether they have been affected by a ban or not.


With our Buy Back Program, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are protected regardless of what the future holds, which we hope provides you and your business with some security during these very uncertain times.


And finally, make sure you are reaching out to your local, state, and federal lawmakers. Set up meetings with them, if possible. But make sure you do so with the intent of educating them on what vaping is, what the differences are between vape products, and which solutions exist other than vape bans to help solve the issues they perceive to be caused by vaping.


Keep fighting on your end, and we will do the same on ours. The fight is not over and in the end, we will be victorious together.