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The New York State Department of Health Has Issued a Statement Regarding the Recent Outbreak of Lung Injuries

The New York State Department of Health Has Issued a Statement Regarding the Recent Outbreak of Lung Injuries

  • Joe Picarella


The New York State Department of Health has issued one of the first official statements on the cause of the recent outbreak of lung disease that has been falsely attributed to “e-cigarettes” to this point.


They make it very clear that the lab results show that “Vitamin E Acetate” was present in every cannabis product that was provided by those who fell ill.


They also point out that none of the nicotine-based samples that were provided contained any traces of Vitamin E Acetate.


This is important because while Vitamin E Acetate is approved as a supplement, it is not approved for vape products and the belief at this point is that the oily nature of Vitamin E Acetate is what is causing the problems.



So Now What?


Well, for starters, do NOT vape cannabis products (or any products, for that matter) that you have bought off the street.


Beyond that, it’s tough to say.


For most of us, this is hardly news as we have been screaming it from the rooftops for a while now at anyone who would listen.


But this is definitely a huge step in the right direction in terms of stopping the bleeding that has been caused by over a month’s worth of daily stories, articles, and blog posts which have named nicotine vape products as the cause for this mess.


The real challenge here is going to be undoing the damage that has been caused by the avalanche of lies that has convinced a large portion of the general public that vaping is less safe than smoking at best, and an absolute death sentence at worst.



Time to Get to Work…Again


As much as I hate to say it, this latest bout of hysteria will end like they all do; with those of us who are members of the vape community and industry being left to pick up the pieces and put the truth back together again.


It seems as though this is the cycle we find ourselves in: something bad happens that can loosely be tied to vaping. The media runs with it. The public freaks out. It is quietly disproven to be vape-related at all. The media moves on to other stories. The general public is left with a dangerously false view of vaping. We are responsible for educating them on how they were misinformed.


Is it a fun spot to be in? Not at all.


But, if this is the worst part of being someone who vapes, then I’ll definitely take it as it certainly beats the hell out of dying a painful, early death and reeking like a chimney while you do.