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The Major Win We Needed, But the Fight Is Far From Over.

The Major Win We Needed, But the Fight Is Far From Over.

  • Joe Picarella


In case you haven’t heard the news, the Trump administration has decided to (wisely) back off from the announced federal flavor ban that had been in the works since September 11th of this year.


There is little doubt that the avalanche of the tweets, phone calls, Facebook posts, emails, and rallies played a significant role in this sudden about-face by the White House.


And while I admit that we all should take some time for a much deserved moment of celebration for our success, it is also critical that we refrain from letting up for even a moment.


Yes, avoiding a federal ban on flavors is a massive win. But it does nothing to stop the bans that are happening at the state and local levels across the country.


Massachusetts, for example, just passed one of the most extreme (and insane) vape bans in history.


At the same time, other states like New York, Oregon, and Washington are still in flux over the bans that were put in place there with no guarantee that the bans won’t ultimately be allowed.


And states like California and New Jersey have shown major interest in implementing bans of their own in the very near future.


This is why we must keep fighting. We have to continue to push as we can’t afford to take our foot off the pedal.


But at least we have a playbook now. We know what works. The #WeVapeWeVote campaign proved most effective at the federal level.


Now we must aim it at state and local politicians. We have to let the governors, state senators, assembly members, city councilmembers, and even mayors know that we will not vote for any politician that supports vape bans.


We can win this fight. We have proven it at the highest level of government. Now we need to do the same in each of our backyards.