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Feds Claim They Will Create a “Streamlined” PMTA Process For Open-System Vape Companies.

Feds Claim They Will Create a “Streamlined” PMTA Process For Open-System Vape Companies.

  • Joe Picarella


Earlier this week, news began to spread about comments that were made by HHS secretary Alex Azar during an interview on the Scott Sands radio show.


When Sands asked Azar about the prohibitive costs associated with the required tests for a PMTA, and how these expenses have the potential to eliminate thousands of businesses, Azar responded by saying:


“We’re working with small businesses and the vaping association to actually create pathways that would streamline approval for the open-tank small vape-shop-based products. Really the focus of what the President’s talked about, what we’re focused on, are the cartridges in the systems with the kid-attractive flavors, not the open-vape systems.”


Although Azar’s statements raise a lot of questions and require quite a bit of clarification, they are certainly promising and do seem to fall in line with announcement that was made at the end of 2019 that the federal flavor ban would only apply to closed-system products.


While a ban of any vape products is never a good thing, the fact is that right now, any regulations that allow this industry to stay alive have to be viewed as a win.


PMTAs have always been the looming threat to vaping that have had the potential to eliminate most (if not all) of the industry in an instant.


The fact that our federal government is now at least recognizing that not all vape products are created equal and that there needs to be differentiation made between them is a massive step in the right direction.


Most manufacturers in the vape space have voiced their approval for government oversight of their products, they simply want those regulations to be reasonable.


Creating a streamlined PMT process for open-system-based products would certainly go a long way in helping to achieve that.


Now if we could only get politicians at the state level to come to the same conclusion…