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Are Our Advocacy Efforts Working?

Are Our Advocacy Efforts Working?

  • Joe Picarella


Vape bans at the state and local levels have been spreading across the nation like an uncontained wildfire since September 11th when President Trump and the heads of the HHS and FDA went on national television to announce a federal initiative to essentially ban flavored vape products.


The bans have become so prolific that it feels like there is a new one being announced almost daily, despite the outpouring of advocacy that has taken the vape community by storm.


While at first glance it may appear that our efforts to stem the tide have been in vain, there have been signs that our cries for justice are not falling on deaf ears.


Perhaps the most significant of these has been this story from media giant CNN in which they wrote about how the vape community could actually wield its voting power in a way that could swing elections.


It is no secret that there are only two things that most politicians care about; money and votes.


While Big Tobacco and Big Pharma may have the money, it is the vape community that has the votes. And in order for a politician to take advantage of any funding from a group or industry, it is sort of a requirement that they actually win their election.


This is why it has become so incredibly important that we keep pushing.


For a major network like CNN to write up a story like this, it can only mean that we are slowly but surely getting the attention of people who can help to shift the narrative in this fight.


And while politicians can, and likely do, ignore what is being said in Facebook groups, blog posts, or even in public hearings, they certainly take heed when a news organization like CNN publishes something like this.


Perhaps the best evidence of this is the fact that despite the President and his cohorts making their very public declaration that they will be pulling flavored products off the market in the very near future, no such regulation has been announced.


In fact, ever since that press conference, both the FDA and the HHS have been unusually quiet on the subject of vaping.


Because while it may not feel like it is working, the evidence to the contrary is there. We just need to look past the ocean of misinformation to see it.


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If you’d like some amazing tips to help you hone your advocacy skills and ensure that your efforts are as effective as possible, I highly suggest you give this video from Grimm Green a watch.