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Another Federal Flavor Ban Looms.

Another Federal Flavor Ban Looms.

  • Joe Picarella


The vape industry dodged a major bullet at the end of 2019 when the federal flavor “ban” that had been announced in September was ultimately aimed at closed-pod systems.


While the final details of this decision left most of us relieved, it appears that many lawmakers in D.C. felt otherwise and now they are determined to do something about it.


A new bill has been introduced that, if passed, will not only ban the sale of all flavored e-liquid products nationwide, but will also ban online sales as well.


The bill goes up for a vote in the house during the week of February 24th and is expected to pass, however, it remains to be seen if it will receive the same support in the senate.


This proposed law is just the latest in a slew of bills that have aimed to instate permanent flavor bans across the country.


In some places, this approach from our opponents has been effective (Massachusetts, New Jersey), while in others it has failed miserably (Washington, Virginia, Oregon).


While this may just feel like more of the same old opposition we have always faced, these bills are a much greater threat than any of the previous flavor bans we have been up against.


Unlike the knee-jerk emergency bans that were being proposed or enacted by governors and the federal government toward the end of last year, a bill that has made its way through the proper channels and passed into law is extremely difficult to challenge or overturn.


It’s one thing to convince a judge that the actions of a single governor who issued an emergency order in response to misinformation should be reversed. It is another entirely to make the case that all of the elected officials involved in passing a law acted recklessly or in haste.


Especially when those elected officials followed the proper processes and procedures that are put in place specifically for the purpose of checks and balances.


This is why we must continue to speak out against these tyrannical bans. If we allow these bills to pass, they will be nearly impossible to overturn after the fact.


Keep calling, emailing, and Tweeting your elected officials. Continue to let them know that you will not vote for anyone who supports these ridiculous bans. Continue to let them know that vaping saves lives and that bans like these will only create a massive, unregulated, dangerous black market.


We must act now because once bills like these have been passed, it will be too late.