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A Massive Win In Washington State.

A Massive Win In Washington State.

  • Joe Picarella


Last October, Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee put an emergency flavor ban in place in response to the hysteria over the mysterious lung illnesses that were being incorrectly attributed to nicotine vape products.


That executive order officially expired on February 7th.


However, during that four month period, at the urging of Inslee himself, a bill was created that would have made the ban permanent in the Evergreen State.


The bill, which was introduced by Sen. Patty Kuderer, would have been devastating for vape-related businesses in Washington as it would have outlawed the sale of all flavored nicotine products (other than tobacco and menthol) indefinitely.


Thankfully, an amendment was added to the bill at the last second which now allows all flavored vape products (with the exception of those that have been pulled from the market at the federal level) to be sold to anyone who is at least 21 years of age.


The amendment to the bill was introduced by Sen. Annette Cleveland who said that while the emergency ban that was enacted last October was appropriate at the time, we now know that it is vitamin E acetate that is the culprit. She pointed out that this bill does outlaw the use of this additive in e-liquids in Washington.


Governor Inslee expressed his disappointment over the amendment and has vowed to continue to push for a permanent ban of flavored products in his state, but for now vape businesses in Washington can breathe a sigh of relief.


Hopefully, this is just the first of many states where elected officials will begin to base their decisions on facts and data.


We applaud Sen. Cleveland for having the courage and sense to stand up for the truth regarding nicotine vape products despite this position being a very unpopular one for American politicians at the moment.


The more clear it becomes that nicotine vape products are not to blame for the spate of illnesses that sprung up last summer, the harder it should be for bans like the one that was proposed in Washington to be passed and signed into law.