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The Wins Keep Coming...

The Wins Keep Coming...

  • Joe Picarella


Last week we received the amazing news that the bill to ban flavored products in Washington state was amended to only apply to people under the age of 21, essentially saving the vape industry there.


Last week, we saw similar wins in two more states..


Both Virginia and Oregon had bills moving through their respective legislative branches and both bills were eventually killed.


In Virginia, the bill SB 966 was shot down on Tuesday, February 11th by a vote of 21 to 19.


In Oregon, it appears that the State Senator who was sponsoring the bill decided to pull it from the session before it even went to a vote.


She said that she simply wasn’t going to have the votes necessary to get the bill passed and that now her focus is on creating a program to license all vape retailers in Oregon.


It seems as though we are seeing a major shift in the momentum that these flavor bans once had.


The politicians behind these bills can no longer point to lung illnesses as a reason for a vape ban as it is now clear that it was Vitamin E Acetate that was the cause.


WThey can also no longer deny the major impact that flavor bans would have on the local and state economies.


Most importantly, they can no longer deny the millions of vape advocates who have stepped up to make it clear that these products have saved their lives.


This fight has been long. It has been hard.


At times it has felt hopeless


But our sheer perseverance and refusal to give up is starting to pay off.


While the fight is far from over, it is important that we take the time to recognize and appreciate the wins along the way.


Whether you are from one of these states or not, make no mistake that your efforts in this battle to save vaping have played a role in every one of these victories.


The wins are starting to stack up. Let’s make sure to keep ‘em coming.